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the leadership."We were surprised ourselves at the results.

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Sara gave a start of joy; her whole look changed.

the leadership.

"Did Ram Dass bring the things?" she cried out. "Did he tell Ram Dass to do it? Did he make the dream that came true?"

the leadership.

"Yes, my dear--yes! He is kind and good, and he was sorry for you, for little lost Sara Crewe's sake."

the leadership.

The library door opened and Mr. Carmichael appeared, calling Sara to him with a gesture.

"Mr. Carrisford is better already," he said. "He wants you to come to him."

Sara did not wait. When the Indian gentleman looked at her as she entered, he saw that her face was all alight.

She went and stood before his chair, with her hands clasped together against her breast.

"You sent the things to me," she said, in a joyful emotional little voice, "the beautiful, beautiful things? YOU sent them!"